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Our Family of Staff

Brian Ottoson, President

With 30 years of experience under his belt, Brian has a vast understanding of the cabinetry and construction industries. Having previously built cabinets without the help of modern technologies such as computer software and CNC machines which we now have, Brian has an appreciation for the craftsmanship and attention to detail that custom cabinetry requires. He has perfected the design and implemented his knowledge into our current methods of construction, which have proven to be of the highest quality available. Always willing to learn more, Brian participates in continuing education courses in both construction and technology, and passes his new found knowledge on to his staff so they can grow together as a company.

When not working at the office, Brian can be found on the golf course or several miles off shore filling up coolers with the catch of the day!

Angela Martin, Designer

Having an extensive background in decorative hardware and plumbing fixtures, Angela knows just the right details that will complete a design and pull everything together perfectly. She has been with Ottoson Enterprises for nearly a decade and is referred to as Brian’s “right arm” because they work together so well. Communication is an important aspect of Angela’s position since many of our clients have a second home in another state. Determining the details and executing them to the client’s satisfaction while working long-distance could be a challenge, but Angela accomplishes it easily.

Outside of work, Angela can be found savoring the local cuisine at one of our fine dining establishments, or in the gym enjoying a kickboxing class!

Nicole Pounders, Designer

At a young age, Nicole knew she wanted to go into the design and construction field. In college she discovered a passion for kitchen and bath design which fueled her to pursue a career in this specialty area. After working for companies who ordered pre-made cabinetry, Nicole decided it was time for a new challenge ~ designing and building custom cabinetry. She has been with Ottoson Enterprises for several years and enjoys the satisfaction of knowing their team can accomplish any design request their clients ask of them.

Nicole enjoys spending time with her daughter riding horses, playing with their dog Bella, or relaxing at the beach.